The 15 Principles to Living Happily

1. Appreciate everyday. 

Raise your hand if you countdown the days until Friday? I’m guilty. If I pretended anything else it would be a lie. We save our favourite things for  “special occasions” which sends a message to our brain that today will be ordinary. We’re wishing away more than half of our week while simultaneously b*tching that “life is too short” or “there’s never enough time.” 

Make a habit of waking up with an appreciation for a brand new day. Frame your thinking that each day is a new amazing opportunity to experience life, grow, eat, laugh, give, explore, dance, dream, create and discover what it feels like to be you.

2. Open up and lean on people.

Many of us are scared of being authentic. It makes us feel vulnerable. We’re afraid of being seen for who we really are, weaknesses and all. It’s okay to be seen without all of your social masks. By opening up and being your true self, and asking for help when you need it, you automatically give other people permission to do the same. In doing so, you create meaningful connections with the people around you. 

3. Practice acceptance.

With Yourself: If you aren’t living your ideal life, make peace with where you’re at while you work towards your goals. If you don’t you’ll struggle against each day, resenting each task you need to complete it. You’ll end up feeling drained with nothing in reserve to go after your dreams. Do things with a happy heart. Love yourself where you stand.

With Others: When you struggle with where you are in life, it’s easy to feel insecure even when you don’t realize it.  Insecurity leads to judgement. Just look at where the world is today and you’ll see it everywhere. Love people where they stand. Their imperfections, difference of opinion, sexuality, spirituality, color of their skin or even their political view have little to do with who they are as a human being. You don’t have to agree with them, or even like them, to accept them as a human being. 

People may do things which frustrate, hurt or anger you, or they may have nothing in common with you at all, but you can choose to see beyond these external factors and focus on the common humanity and mortality you both share. You are both miraculous energy in human bodies trying to navigate the world the best way you know how. 

4. Get in touch with Self.

Self is who you really are underneath the chatter of your monkey mind, the social masks you wear, and the titles and roles you hold.  It’s the YOU that’s at the core of everything else. Get in touch with Self each week through meditation, writing a journal, spending time in nature, or making time to just sit and soak up the world without judgment for a few moments. To what degree is entirely up to you.  It can be as little, or as much, as you need. Just be committed to taking those moments to sit and be with YOU. 

5. Adopt a “Good Intentions” mindset.

The majority of people aren’t inherently “bad.” They don’t go about their day planning to sabotage your journey or hurt you in any way. When there’s a misunderstanding, or someone flat out pisses you off, choose to believe that everything is done with good intentions at its core. With that mindset, it’s easier to brush things off and forgive.  Harbouring negativity towards others, doesn’t serve you. It will only rot and fester in your core making no one miserable but you.  While the “Good Intentions” mindset not be 100% accurate in EVERY situation, you’ll find that it IS for the majority. 

6. Let your emotions guide you.

…but don’t make them your identity.

When people experience strong negative emotions like anger, jealousy or pain, they usually do one of two things; bury their emotions deep in their subconscious, or get so caught up in their emotions that they are consumed by them and adopt them as part of their ongoing identity.

Neither choice is healthy. Instead, when a strong negative emotion arises, learn to observe the feeling (the act of observation immediately disassociates you from the emotion) and ask yourself what it’s trying to teach you. Do you need to work on yourself and grow into a more resilient and peaceful person, or do you need to make crucial changes to your life situation?

7. Open your mind to new possibilities.

…and leave room for surprises.

So much can happen in a single day.  You could meet the right person, stumble across a new opportunity, come up with a life-changing idea, move jobs, move houses or move countries.

While it’s worthwhile clarifying your desires and making plans, keep a little room in your heart and mind for the unexpected. Things don’t always go according to plan, and it could be the best possible outcome.

8. Give to give, not to receive.

There is something so beautiful about giving from a place of pure love, without conditions or expectations. To feel someone else’s happiness as your own. Try to give more without seeking anything in return, and notice how the positive feelings you experience from seeing someone else’s joy and comfort are more than enough return on your investment.

9. Be led by goals, not fear.

So many people make decisions based on their fears, rather than following their intuition, interests and passions. You are a once-in-a-humankind combination of talents and quirks and there will never again be anyone like you. When you set goals and make decisions based on what you want to accomplish, enjoy and feels right with Self, you light up and the whole world benefits.

10. Speak and think in positive terms.

The world is a reflection of your dominant beliefs. If you constantly b*tch and complain about your problems, struggles and worries, you will perpetuate the same circumstances over and over again. You attract what you focus on…even if it’s unintentional. If you start to shift your focus towards the more positive aspects of your life and all of the things that could go right, you will immediately start to experience positive outcomes.

11. Don’t mistake making a living with making a life.

Take a good look at your life in all areas. Are you making time for loved ones, friendships, health and wellbeing, travel, self-growth, fun and joy outside of work? If your answer is no, you may need to reassess your priorities and set new boundaries to create a fulfilling and sustainable balance.

12. Give up the word “should.”

So much of our unhappiness stems from feeling like we are not living up to the standard definition of success, the status quo, media standards and expectations — or that life and other people are not living up to our expectations of how things should be. If we let go of preconceived notions about what we should be doing with our lives, and give up our rigid expectations of how other people should act, we will instantly become freer and happier.

Stop Should-ing on yourself and others!

13. Practice Self love.

Love yourself on the good days… and love yourself on the bad days too. Love yourself when things go to plan, you light up the room, and kick all of your goals…and love yourself when you make mistakes, succumb to bad habits, and let your fears get the better of you.

Unconditional self-love gives you the strength and courage to try new things and go after your dreams, because you know that no matter what the outcome, you will still love and accept yourself, as is, regardless.

14. Embrace uncertainty.

Tony Robbins once said, “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.”

Too often we hold ourselves back from taking risks, going after our dreams and creating the life we want to live, because we don’t know exactly how we’re going to get there or whether it will work out. We keep ourselves secure in the safety of our comfort zones and the “known” without recognizing that even these safe circumstances could change at any moment without warning, so in many ways we are no more secure in the known… but we are robbing ourselves of the chance to create our dreams and live our ideal life.

15. Redefine failure.

What if, instead of seeing failure when we put ourselves out there, or try something new, and it doesn’t work out, we see it as a victory. A victory because we even tried it in the first place? Perhaps the negative connotation associated with “failure” should be dissociated altogether. Perhaps it should be celebrated as an opportunity to learn something new! 

Set A Goal

Do you already practice these principles? One? Two? All? 

Take inventory of which areas could use improvement and set some goals around it.  Even if you only focused on ONE thing, your life would explode… in a good way. 🙂 Remember to write your goals down and create a real execution plan! Need help or want to try a different format? 

Download this FREE goal setting worksheet and give it a go!


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