Postive Thinking is Bullsh*t!

Right now you’re probably thinking “who is this crazy b*tch spouting negativity.”

Yes, I’m certainly crazy… in a mind blown, excited about life kind of way. However, negativity is nowhere in my vortex! 

But don’t take my word for it. 

Positive thinking has its place, don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot to be said about pointing ones focus towards a desired outcome but it’s just simply not enough.


It could actually be hurting your mental well being.

We’ve all heard “just look on the bright side” or “happiness is a choice.” Self-help books are bought in the millions, translated into every language imaginable, and downright unavoidable at the airport. The belief that all we need to do is make a choice to be happy has been ingrained in our culture, taught to our military, classrooms, workspaces and for what?

Coping mechanisms…

And while it’s great to have tools that help you “cope,” it does jack sh*t for teaching you what it takes to actually be happy, successful and fulfilled.

More studies have shown that Positive Psychology is, in fact, doing more harm than good. Leading to self-blame, depression, anxiety and overwhelm. Newsweek published a research based article in 2016 saying as much and they’re not the only ones…

You see, when you think that all you have to do is “choose” to be happy, while nothing else around you is changing, with the belief that you’ll miraculously just be…happy, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Then comes the blame, self-pity, doubt and all around destructive thought cycles. 

In order to be happy not only does your mindset need to be in the right place (i.e. choosing to be happy) but you need to actually DO something about the circumstances that are causing your unhappiness.

It’s about making a choice to be happy and being willing to DO what it takes to make it so.

Choice + Action = Outcome

It’s simple math, people. I can’t make this sh*t up if I tried. 🙂 

But what action do you take?

Well, that depends on what’s going on in your life and what you’re willing to do about it. Only you can determine what that looks like for you. The bottom line is, whatever you chose… do it!

And when fear or doubt start creeping in, use the RSG™ Method to make sh*t happen!

What’s the RSG Method?

RSG stands for “Ready, Set, Go!” Three very distinct words that give our brain commands far bigger than the few letters it takes to spell them or the breath/brain power it takes to use them.

It’s a stupidly simple technique that works the minute you use it. 

My oldest daughter, now in college, ran track for her high school and I can still hear “on your mark, get set” and then the buzzer signaling that it’s time to get moving.

The second that buzzer went off those girls ran like hell towards the finish line. 

They didn’t stop half way through when someone passed them up. They didn’t slow down when they got tired. They didn’t look back to see who was catching up and they sure as hell didn’t turn around and go back to where they started. 

No, every one of those girls ran their guts out to cross the line and it got me thinking… 

What if we all ran towards our goals with the same focused intent?

What if, when the buzzer went off we put maximum effort into achieving our goals?

Sure, we might be doubled over at the finish line trying to catch our breath but what if NOT finishing was never a thought we gave merit to?

Given my extensive studies on how the brain works and the relationship between conscious and subconscious as it relates to behavioral change, I naturally began to wonder what would happen if we used the same childhood mantra to hack our thought process to make significant, powerful changes. The results are far better than I could have ever predicted. 

As far back as I can remember “Ready, Set, Go” was shouted on the playground and in PE. It was our que to get ready and get moving.  


When you tell your brain “Ready” you’re signaling your subconscious that something is about to happen and whatever it is… You are READY as hell for it.

This is important because someone’s gotta tell your “machinery” (your subconscious) that you’ve got this… that while it may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable, you are ready and everything is going to be fine.  

It’s best if that somebody is YOU! 😉


Saying “Set” puts you mind and physiology in a state of preparedness for the action that is about to come. Creating less resistance towards the action. 

You are giving your subconscious a direct command and pre-frame for whatever action you are about to take in terms it already understands. 


“Go” is giving yourself permission to do whatever it takes to achieve the happiness you’re driven to accomplish. It’s the sound of the buzzer signaling you to take action and run your ass off to the finish line.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not mapped out all the steps. What matters is that you are taking action!

Without action, you’ll stay stuck exactly where you are. Frustration, misery, overwhelm… a loss of personal power. 

Sure, it’s important to know where you are running to. Goals without focus will take you somewhere but it’s helpful to know where that somewhere is. 

When you have a clear image of where you want to end up and the drive to get there you then start to run your decisions through that filter. 

Success comes from making small shifts in your daily routine that align you with your goals.

Making a plan of action then becomes one of the steps you’re committed to as you run like hell. 

What’s that look like for you?

Maybe it’s speaking up and sharing an idea at the next staff/board meeting. “Ready, Set, Go!”

Perhaps it’s making the decision to go to the gym and workout after a long day. “Ready, Set, Go!”

It could be having a conversation you’ve been avoiding, robbing you of your personal power, because you don’t like conflict. “Ready, Set. Go!”

It could even be as simple as breaking the snooze button habit. “Ready. Set. Go!”

The possibilities are endless!

No matter what the situation is, regardless of what is robbing you of your happiness, The RSG™ Method will work to get your mind going, your body ready, and your feet moving!

Positive thinking solves NOTHING unless it’s backed with good ‘ol fashioned action.

So what’s your story? Do you have something you’ve been wanting to do but fear/procrastination has stopped you?

Are you stuck or feel overwhelmed?

Drop me a note in the comments. Tell me I’m crazy, brilliant or bad with grammar…

Or better yet, share with me how you’ll be using the RSG™ Method. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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