Do You Have The Courage To Do Whats Right?

How cool is this?

Apparently, Plato one day somewhere between 428 – 348 BCE got together with Socrates to discuss “what is courage.”

I’d like to think the get together went something like this:

Plato: ‘Yo, Socrates, wanna get a beer tonight, once you’re done, you know, thinking?’

Socrates, ‘Hell yeah! That would be great, but just one, not an all-nighter!’

They came up with this:

Courage: a sort of endurance of the soul.

I think they may have had one too many by this point. But I like it. An endurance of the soul, it makes me want to put on a Pink Floyd album. Deep guys, deep. Must have been a pickled pair!

I know we all have big stuff going on that requires us to hoist up our big girl/boy panties and go for it every now and then.

But what about the little stuff?

  • Sticking to our convictions.
  • Showing up for ourselves.
  • Saying sorry when we’re in the ‘wrong’.
  • Taking a risk to say what we really feel and not follow the status quo.
  • Pursuing how we want to feel moment to moment, not just our future dreams.
  • A smile. A hug. Listening.
  • Encouraging others, inspiring in them the confidence to stand up for what they believe in.
  • Developing our ideas, talking about them even if it feels silly or slightly awkward.
  • Not listening to the critics, naysayers and opinion makers.
  • Speaking up when you see someone being mistreated.

Make courage an everyday action. Small doesn’t always mean insignificant, the smallest acts can create the most powerful shifts.

If you are a nerd like me… You might just enjoy this exert from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The part about courage starts at #15.

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What acts of courage do you show on a daily basis?


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