Burnout to Balance

Feeling a little crispy?

Yeah, me too!

Want to know what causes it? Time suckers & stressors and we all have them!

My great big time suckers are:

  • Checking email, Facebook and Instagram
  • Pinning DIY projects & high end makeup dupes on Pinterest.
  • Binge watching on Netflix.
  • And downloading freebie goal setting templates.

I have time stressers, too!

  • Clutter
  • Scrambling to get ready in the morning
  • Staying up too late
  • And feeling like I didn’t accomplish anything substantial in my day

I bet your own list looks pretty similar to mine and if it doesn’t, you can at least relate to looking up and realizing the sun has set. You’re left feeling overwhelmed because you didn’t have time for everything on your list (let alone any time for yourself!).

It’s because suckers and stressors got in the way. (Or because you had an overly long and complicated to-do list or a system that doesn’t work for you but that’s a whole other topic!)

Stressors make you feel like things are out of control, while suckers are “harmless distractions” that tempt you to procrastinate.

Right now, I want you to start brainstorming about the suckers & stressors that pull at you throughout the day. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started thinking about it. 😉

Ask yourself:

What distracts you the most, consistently causes you frustration, or triggers that anxious feeling that you just can’t keep up?

Once you’ve identified those suckers & stressors, you can move toward a solution. Because believe it or not, you’re in control of both.

And as crazy as this sounds, our suckers & stressors often correlate to one another. (This is one of my biggest takeaways from a productivity course I’ve been taking! #LifeChanging!)

For instance,

  • If I turn off the notification sounds on my phone I’m not tempted to pick it up everytime I hear it ping and I stay in my genius “get shit done” zone compounding my productivity.
  • If I set a recurring reminder on my phone for 9 PM that says “Think about how you’ll feel in the morning if you put me down RIGHT NOW and go to bed!” It will interrupt my mindless scrolling and I’ll actually go to bed on time. (Remember… staying up too late is a stressor for me.)
  • If I use the Habit Stacking Method & my MessOlogy planner, I stay focused on only the tasks that matter with a clear way to measure my success and WHY I’m driven to accomplish them. (The “why” part is particularly helpful when you get in those “I don’t feel like it” modes… Surely, I’m not the only one who has those days.)
  • If I set a timer and do a 10-minute pickup every day, then clutter won’t accumulate (a stressor) and be overwhelming. The added bonus – I actually FEEL like I’ve accomplished something huge and it only took 10 minutes! (I learned this from the FlyLady!)
  • If I get up at 5:30am, I won’t scramble to get ready in the morning (a stressor). Instead I can start my day off right and go out into the world like the Badass Day Crusher I know I am.

Are you starting to see how this works?

Some days, it’s going to be more difficult to reduce your stressors (like when you pulled a late night to go out to dinner with friends… and then hit the snooze more than once the next morning!)

Or lose to the involuntary pull of your time suckers (i.e. grabbing your phone instead of staying in your genius zone or binge watching your favorite show.)

I promise that in time, you’ll master the self-discipline it takes to stay completely focused if you put these simple practices into play but get, it’s about progress not perfection. Don’t beat yourself up for spending the day curled up on the couch in your jammies watching the boobtube. You’re allowed those indulgences. In fact, I have what I call a “No Pants” day at least once a week. That’s self-love, baby! The difference is, I make a conscious decision to do it instead of mindlessly doing nothing. For me, it’s the reward I give myself for a week well crushed and there’s zero guilt involved.

After all, once you experience less stress and more time, and the freedom that comes with it, you’ll be even more motivated to continue the process of reducing stressors & suckers! It’s a magnificent cycle!

So what say you?

What are your suckers & stressors and what’s one thing you can do TODAY to eliminate the overwhelm of having more day than you have time?


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