Authenticity? Is It Really THAT Important?

Authenticity can’t be bought in stores.

You can’t find it in a book or pick it up in a workshop.

Billions are spent every year on courses, training, consultants, coaching, facilitation on big questions such as who am I/we, what do I/we stand for, how can I/we show up as the most genuine, real, congruent, honest version of myself/ourselves at work, and in life.

I’ve worked for the past 15 years in the space of helping individuals live an authentic life, they come with those questions just like that all the time. I always ask them: why is it important to you and why now?

People are waking up, and they are also very tired. They also have a craving and hunger for something that’s real. Honest. Not surrounded or driven by fear. They are fed up being lied to: by the media, politicians, corporations, and many others. They may not be able to express why it’s actually important to them, or why now, but they have a yearning, they are trusting their intuition and gut that authenticity has to be the foundation for how they live their life.

But they can’t learn authenticity.

Sure, they can pick up a really good understanding of what it means. But authenticity is not a classroom exercise, a policy, a guideline, a law, framework or model.

It’s a practice.

An ongoing, lifelong, never ending practice.

It takes work. It takes time, persistence, honesty, courage and the ability to keep on when everything around you is telling you to stop.

You can’t be half real. You can’t be a quarter genuine. You can’t be one-third honest.

What does being fully authentic bring us? What does it end? What is let go? What is brought forth?

I’m asking: why does it really matter? Why now?

I’m curious… what are your thoughts?



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