Are You a Mental Masturbator?

Before you freak out… Let me explain. Mental Masturbation is when you continuously daydream about where you want to go, places you want to see and things you want to do…….without taking action. 

It’s the countless hours spent on Pinterest pinning low fat, low carb, sugar free recipes while you daydream about going on a diet.  It’s THINKING, THINKING, THINKING and never doing… or doing a little but never as much as you THINK about doing.

So, the next time you’re sitting in traffic look over at the car next to you, if they aren’t singing or playing with their cell phone, they’re probably masturbating.

If you’re standing in the grocery line and the person behind you looks like their off in la-la-land… they’re probably masturbating.

Mental Masturbation is something we ALL do from time to time. 

So let me ask you… 

Is life something that just happens to you? Do you have the same goal you had a year ago?

If so, then you might be a Masturbator… A MENTAL Masturbator, that is.

There are 10 key areas that determine how effective you’ll be at kicking ass in life.  People have paid thousands of dollars to identify where they fall on this scale in one/one coaching but I say that’s bullsh*t!

Success isn’t just for the wealthy!

You deserve to know where you are without spending a dime! So being mindful not to violate copyright laws, I’ve created a tested, crazy accurate version of the same assessment offered by personal coaches so big that mentioning them by name would result in a “cease & desist” letter because similarities are so great.  😉

Now YOU can have access absolutely FREE!

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Based off the definition below, choose which answer most matches where you are right now.

Remember to be brutally honest with yourself.  There’s no one here to impress. No one here will see your answers, not even me. It’s intentionally designed to be that way.



Seeker: A woman characterized by her search or quest of Knowledge and Truth.

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