Listen, in case no one has told you recently, you’re allowed to say “NO” and not feel guilty for having said it. 

Better yet… You’re allowed to say it without justifying it, too!

But somehow, as women, we’ve taken on this “gotta do it all” mindset and it’s wearing us down, taking over our To-Do lists, and eating away at our time.¬†

New date just released!!!

Join me, Saturday, May 15th at 10 AM Central live on Zoom!

Isn’t it about time you created some breathing room?

Register today!

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What you have to look forward to:

  • The courage to say “NO” even when it’s not the popular choice…Without feeling guilty afterward!
  • You’ll know how to tactfully navigate the naggers, beggars, and time suckers without selling yourself short. 
  • You’ll sleep better because the stress of having too much on your plate is diminished. 
  • Your relationships will be better because you’ll feel more valued. 
  • Your time will be respected. 
  • Your “YES” will have a bigger impact and will be appreciated more. 
  • Have time to do the things YOU want to do instead of the things other people want you to do for them. 
  • Be a happier, less b*tchy human being because you’ve given yourself the greatest gift of all time!! BREATHING ROOM!

Have you done training’s like this and STILL nothing changes?

You’re not alone! We all do.

That is until we learn a system that keeps us on track and focused on what we really want.

That’s why I’ve created a workbook and 30 day support loop which makes all the difference in the world!

You know how they say, 30 days makes a habit? Well, it takes 30 days to break one, too.

You’re probably thinking… “I found the catch!”

“Nobody offers free sh*t anymore. It’s always a trap to spend hundreds….sometimes THOUSANDS more.”

We’ll I’ve got some good new for you!

You can have the 60 minute workshop, workbook, 30 days of habit crushing support and so much more for whatever you want to pay for it!

Yep! You read that right… You get to choose how much you want to spend!!

Or… you can just register for the 60 minute absolutely free, no strings attached, no uncomfortable and pushy sales pitches, everything you need to know workshop!

Either way you’ll walk away with knowing exactly what to do to starting saying “no” without the guilt!

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